7 Tips to Keep a Good Balance between Part-Time Work and College


College can be tough, especially when you are working alongside. Though, it’s not something that students love to do. But a large number of students choose to work while studying in order to make ends meet.

Combining education and employment is not easy, and keeping a good balance between the two can be tricky. It can feel like a lot to manage, and in reality, it is. However, it’s not something impossible.

Here are seven tips to help you successfully manage working while going to college.

1. Use a Planner

Whether it’s on your phone or paper you need to plan your days well to help you manage all your activities efficiently. Create a weekly planner for almost everything you need to do. From the time you wake up in the morning, till the time you go to sleep. This includes your class timings, your work timings, time for self-studies, and more.

Take your scheduler to everywhere and make it your best friend. Take a look at in morning before you leave from home, and keep updating it when there is a change. Don’t leave it to your memory because life in college is too hectic to remember everything.

2. Keep Studies as Your Top Priority

Prioritize your studies no matter what. Work out college schedule first and keep everything related to your academics as your priority. Make sure to schedule work around the classes, and not the other way round. Never design your schedule keeping your work as a priority, as it will lead to compromise on your studies.

Your degree is more important than your temporary job, which is something you should always keep in mind!

3. Try to Schedule Your Work on Opposite Days

Though it’s not something you can always do but scheduling your work on different days than the college can be helpful. You can fully concentrate on your studies on days which you don’t have work or vice versa. For instance, if you have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you can opt to work on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. That way you will have more open availability for your job and can spend full-day at work instead of just a few hours.

Moreover, going to work on different days to your college won’t exhaust you. Therefore, you will be less prone to stress.

4. Get an On-Campus/Flexible Job

If you have just stepped into college and looking for a part-time job, put more effort into finding a job on campus. Working on campus will work well with your class schedule, especially if your college is located at some distance from the town.

In case you don’t find a job on campus, then make sure you get a job that is willing to be flexible for you. Make sure that your manager knows that your studies are your number one priority and you won’t be compromising on it. Flexible working hours will benefit you when you have a high study load and can’t afford to spend much time at work.

5. Don’t Overload Yourself

Working extra hours can be great to make some extra cash but getting in a habit will make your life tough. Not only you’ll burn out fast, but you will also take a toll on your studies. College is hard by itself, and it does demand time and effort. Don’t get into a habit of spending more time at work just to earn some extra cash, as it will definitely put a stain on you.

Learning to say no to your manager is one way of doing it, and reminding yourself that you don’t have to compromise on your studies is another.

6. Make Time for Yourself

Self-care is important to keep your sanity while you are working and attending college. Without investing time on yourself you will burn out, something that you definitely don’t want.

Spend time away from work and studies at doing something that you enjoy. It can be anything, from going out with your friends on dinner, watching a movie, to playing your favourite game on PlayStation. Set aside time for yourself in order to stay sane and be successful.

7. Be Self-Disciplined and Focus on Your Goal

Being self-disciplined is one of the most important things when it comes to effectively manage work and studies. Recognize what your goal ultimate is and manage time to make sure you stay disciplined to achieve those goals.
Your college degree should be your ultimate goal and that is the reason you are most probably working. Understand your current situation is just temporary and you can have a lavishing career ahead once you complete your degree. So prioritize your task in order to stay focus on what is more important.

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