5 Ways to Deal with a Tough Professor at College


Just like anything else, dealing with a tough professor can make your college life a lot difficult. That said, the degree of difficulties can vary from one student to next.

No, I am not talking about those professors who push you to study well in class but the ones that make studying a living hell, those that are always a pain to deal with and throw their problems on students in a class.
So, what can you do to deal with them? Well, to be honest, there isn’t any hard and fast answer to this question but there are a few approaches that can help you strive – and thrive –a tough professor’s class.

1. Show Up In Class on Time

Probably one thing that annoys tough professors most are students that come late in class. Showing your face late in class is just one thing that you should avoid at all times. As many professors don’t like the sight students coming late in class and break other students’ attention.
Therefore, don’t be someone who always interrupts class knocking on the doors. Make sure you are coming in the class on time so your tough professor doesn’t take you as a not-so-serious student and keep you out.

2. Participate In Class Discussion

It’s always good to participate more in class since it will allow you to present your seriousness in studies. In fact, the more you participate in class, the higher the chances you will have to interact with your professor, and soften him up.

Doesn’t matter you don’t have the perfect information or give wrong answers, but doing so will keep the conversation going in class and will eventually give you a chance to gain your tough professor’s respect and get into good terms with him.

3. Review and Plan Things Ahead

How often you find your professor lose his nerves when he finds you as a careless, irresponsible student? Well, this mostly happens when you don’t review and plan on studying things ahead and according to a plan.
Remember, procrastination is not going to help you deal with your professor. So, it’s important to keep a good track of everything – from submission deadlines to assessment dates. And when you find difficulties understanding a concept or a topic bring it up to your professor, instead of waiting for the last minute and make them upset or mad when you can’t answer him correctly.

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4. Keep Your Patience

Maybe it’s just the start of your term when some professors come down hard in order to command respect from students. Or maybe, he’s just trying to set a standard for the class discipline for the entire term.
Don’t panic and keep your patience, rather getting nervous because of his behavior. Give your professor some time to open up and ease into things.

5. Seek Help from the Student Advisor

If things don’t ease up between you and your professor, then it’s best to seek from your college student advisor. Your advisor may have seen other students suffering from the same issues, so he or she might have the best solution to resolve your problematic situation.

Moreover, your advisor may know your professor pretty well from inside so they can help you make a positive change in your behavior which can ease up things between the both of you.

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